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Nighthawk Custom Falcon (10mm)

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The full-size Falcon is one of the most popular models in the Nighthawk Custom line of pistols. This particular gun is chambered in 10 mm, a powerful cartridge. One of the distinctive features of the Falcon is the one-piece fully machined mainspring/magwell combination cut from a 2½" block of tool steel. Rather than coming to a sharp point at the base of the grip, the integrated mainspring housing/magwell is rounded for comfort while not sacrificing any grip length. The extra contouring assists in reducing "printing" while carrying concealed. Front and rear sights are the Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights which allows the slide to be cycled off of the rear sight should the need arise. The frame is stainless steel so corrosion becomes less of an issue especially when it is coated standard with black Nitride. Three ball-radius cuts run the full length of the slide top to help direct your eyes quickly to the front prominent night sights.

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