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Nighthawk Custom GRP Stars & Bars Special Edition

Price: $2,995.00 | Product Code: Stars & Bars | Availability: In Stock

The GRP comes ready for duty and built to stand up to rigorous use that is required to keep professionals proficient in their skills. Tough and aggressive green Micarta grip panels are standard, as well as, a lanyard loop integrated into the mainspring housing. The forged slide stop axle is cut flush with the frame, and the frame is chamfered around it for easy removal. Heinie Slant Pro or Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights are standard features. The Global Response Pistol is a fighting gun, plain and simple, and is ready for duty wherever it is called upon to perform. If you are looking for a home or country defense weapon that meets your requirements, then the GRP is the ultimate solution. The Stars & Bars Edition, for sale here, comes engraved with both the US flag and the Confederate flag, perfect for any patriot and rebel!