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Double Star C3: Constant Carry Carbine DoubleStar

Price: $1,039.95 | Product Code: C3 | Availability: In Stock

When DSC created the C3 (Constant Carry Carbine), they had a specific goal; create the lightest, versatile, highest quality carbine possible. At just 5.5 lbs unloaded without sacrificing any of the mil spec internals or receivers, the C3 was the answer. Not only is the c3 light, but it answers the demand for most shooters. It is a great rifle for small statured shooters, people who have to carry their rifle be it on patrol or on the hunt, or the perfect shtf companion. The combination of the superlight a1 or “pencil” profile barrel, Samson’s 9” evolution handguard, and Ace’s entry-length ultra-light stock keep the weight down without having to use any carbon or polymer components. The mil-spec forged upper, lower, and internals are guaranteed to last a lifetime and have your back when you need it most. Also included, but not installed is one 4” section of rail and two 2” sections to be installed anywhere you want on the evolution handguards allowing you to attach the accessories you need.