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Colt 1911 El Cen/Elcen (38 Super, Polished)

Price: $1,579.95 | Product Code: 1911 | Availability: In Stock

This is a beautiful, high-conditioned Colt Custom Shop 1911. Nicknamed the "El Cen", this 80-series 1911 features a beautiful, factory, bright stainless finish and is chambered for the .38 Super cartridge, which is extremely popular in Mexico and South America and has recently made a comeback in popularity in the States.

This Custom Shop Colt has very attractive checkered rosewood grips, 3-dot sights, and a clean slide except for the left side, which is stamped "Colt Custom". The serial number on this 1911 is "ELCEN11200". It is factory new and un-fired since the factory test firing.