Contact Us

180 Moore Dr,
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 278-8370


Q: Do you have a physical location?
A: Yes. We are located at 180 Moore Drive, Suite C, Lexington, KY 40503. We are just off New Circle Road, near Raisin' Cane's and Wendy's.

Q: Can you special order an item for me?
A: As long as the item you want is available with one of our many distributors, we can order it for you, whatever "it" is. However, all special orders must be paid 100% up front. If you wish to see if we can order something for you, please call 859-278-8370 and talk to one of our helpful, friendly sales staff.

Q: How do I buy or pick up an item from your store?
A: Either stop by our physical location, or call us up and you can pay for the item over the phone. If you are buying a firearm, we must transfer it to another Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (a.k.a. FFL), from which you would pick it up. We would need a copy of their FFL in order to ship the gun out. Non-firearm items can be shipped straight to your door. We just ask that you please be aware of and obey your local laws when purchasing.

Q: Do you perform transfers? 
A: Yes. Transfers on non-NFA firearms are $30 plus shipping per firearm. If you are sending a firearm through us to another FFL, we will require their contact information so that we can get a copy of their FFL in order to send it. If you are receiving a transfer and using us as the transfer point, the other FFL will need to contact us to get a copy of our license so they can send the item(s). We ask that you get tracking from your seller, as we sometimes get so many packages that we cannot afford the time to call everyone to say that a transfer has arrived for them. 

Q: Do you do any repair work? 
A: Yes. We have an off-site gunsmith and a few on-site armorers that are ready and willing to get your guns or bows fixed. Please call us at 859-278-8370 first to make sure we are comfortable performing the work your require.

Q: Do you offer layaway? 
A: Yes, we offer layaway on our in-store sales of firearms. Our terms are 1/3 of the total as down payment, with 60 days to pay off the remaining balance. 

Q: Do you perform trades? 
A: Yes. However, we must see all items being offered for trade in person before we assign trade values. This allows us to better inspect what we may potentially be purchasing.