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Glock 41 Gen4 Mod 1 Custom

Price: $750.00 | Product Code: G41 (MOD 1) | Availability: In Stock

This is a GLock 41 Gen 4 that has been extensively customized by MOD 1 Firearms. Most notably, the standard glock texture has been overwritten with an aggressive stippling to greatly enhance contact with the shooter's hands, aiding with recoil control and muzzle flip reduction. The trigger guard has been undercut near the grip to allow for a higher grip to also aid in these aspects. The gun has been Cerakoted grey to make it stand out from your typical black Glocks. On top is a set of fiber-optic sights to greatly enhance visibility and target acquisition in almost any light settings. The Glock factory barrel has been replaced with a custom KKM Precision barrel. All of the custom work on this competition-style Glock alone ran about $1,000, but you can snag it for significantly less!

This gun comes with its original box, two magazines, and magazine loader.