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Colt Lightning Slide-action rifle 38-40 circa 1898

Price: $3,795.00 | Product Code: Lightning | Availability: In Stock

This innovate rifle was designed by Dr. William H. Elliot, a dentist by trade who, as a hobby and side job, liked to tinker with things. Over the course of his lifetime, he came up with 130+ inventions. Since he lived in Ilion, NY, he often walked down to Remington and showed them his interesting new designs. When they didn't bite on this design, he sent a letter to Colt who loved it.

Colt produced small, medium, and large-framed versions of this rifle in various calibers. This particular medium-framed rifle in .38-40 is in immaculate condition considering its age. The rifle retains approximately 95% of its original bluing with only high-edge wear on the barrel flats. There is a small ding near the muzzle that does not affect the crown or bore.

The receiver retains about 85% of its original Carbona blue, which is still very iridescent. The bore is very bright with no signs of pitting and strong lands and grooves.The finish on the butt stock appears to be original, but cleaned long ago and no finish has been added.