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RARE Walther P.38 Pre-Zero Series High-Polish Blue

Price: $2,195.00 | Product Code: P38 | Availability: In Stock

This is an excellent example of a scarce production commercial eagle "N" Proofed Army inspected "E359" waffenamt Walther Model HP pistol. This pistol is a "HP" pistol being manufactured during WWII as a commercial gun but procured and inspected by the Wehrmacht. This series of pistol chambered in 9mm is very scarce and is considered to be a true Commercial Army.

According to Jan Still's Axis Pistols (p. 32) it is a one of 2400 Variation 1 pistols. The left side of the slide is marked with the Walther Banner, followed by the two-line factory legend and caliber followed by "Mod. HP". The serial number (11758) is located on the front of the barrel lug and on the right side of the frame above the trigger guard. The bottom of the locking block is also numbered "758". The right side of the slide, frame and barrel are all stamped with the early commercial "Eagle/N" proof mark an the "359" code waffenamt. It is complete with an early double proofed "359" code P.38 magazine. It has the standard early commercial fixed sights and the correct early black plastic grips. This pistol still retains the original prewar highly polished blue finish.

The condition is excellent with 92% plus of the bright original high polish blue finish overall with wear on the edges and high spots with thinning on the lower front grip strap and some minor dents present on the right side of the muzzle. The grips are also excellent on both sides with minor handling marks. This pistol has matching numbers except the grips and magazine, both of which are unnumbered. The gun is mechanically excellent.