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DCM/CMP Springfield M1D Complete w/ CMP Papers M1

Price: $4,995.00 | Product Code: M1D | Availability: In Stock

This is an original M1D sniper rifle with CMP provenance documents dating 1997. The rifle has all the accoutrements, including the original shipping container.

This rifle features a very rare, mint, all-weather Lyman scope in the correct "B" serial range. The scope mount, MRT 1-52 dated cheekpieces, and eyelets have some oxidation. The cone-type flash hider, tools, and various packing materials are included. The rifle is dead mint, the way it was built and stored in 1952. "RA" is marked on the buttstock. The sling, oiler, and scope case are included.

The serial number is 3611290, dating it to May of 1945. The barrel date is 9-52. The correct drawing number ending in "555" on the top of the breech. Both the throat and muzzle erosion measure less than 1 on a CMP gauge.