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VERY RARE "Kü" Luger 1941 Nazi German (1 of 1)

Price: $5,495.00 | Product Code: p08 | Availability: In Stock

This is a Luftwaffe-contract Luger, "Kü"-marked gun assembled at Krieghoff from left-over parts, including rare Krieghoff grips. This Kü pistol has a DWM toggle and is dated 1941. It is the only one of this variation known, and has been authenticated by experts as being manufactured with this toggle, as the number are the same font as the rest of the gun. The existence of the pistol has been known for years in the collecting community and has only recently come out of a high-end collection. The gun has no issues, faint high-edge wear, and no cold blue. The gun comes with one matching magazine.