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FNH USA PS90 Gen 3 (Black, Low Tri-Rail) Gen3 G3

Price: $1,199.00 | Product Code: PS90 Gen3 | Availability: In Stock

This is a nice Gen 3 PS90. It doesn't have the ultra-desirable Gen 1 or Gen 2 trigger packs (which are, let's face it, desirable for reasons that are federal crimes). This rifle, however, has two very nice things going for it that help its functionality: the low optic rail and a nice, crisp trigger. The low rail sits lower than many PS90 rails, meaning you can get a much tighter cheek weld on your rifle, as opposed to what many PS90's have. The trigger on this rifle doesn't feel nearly as spongy as most PS90 triggers do, and actually feels quite crisp. This rifle comes with its original box, manual, and one 50-round magazine.