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Colt Model 2000 All-American w/ Box (9 mm/9mm)

Price: $549.00 | Product Code: 2000 | Availability: In Stock

Designed by C. Reed Knight and Eugene Stoner, the Colt Model 2000 All American utilizes a recoil-operated, rotating-barrel breech-locking system. Unlocking is delayed by the bullet’s inertia; the barrel is rotated with a cam operated by a slot in the trigger group in a manner similar to the AR-15/M16. It was introduced in 1992 and marketed primarily as a police sidearm. Approximately 20,000 were made.

This gun has some slight muzzle wear, but a mint bore. It comes with its blue plastic Colt box and two mags. The box does not have a factory label on it.