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Colt 1911 Brushed Blue, Black Army c. 1918

Price: $3,495.00 | Product Code: 1911 Black Army | Availability: In Stock

In a very crisp, 96%, original and exceptional condition, 100% correct, we have a stunning example of a brushed-blue finish Colt Model of 1911 US Army service pistol that was produced in May, 1918. This is one of the last brushed blue pistols before the switch-over to the black oxide finish.

This is the best 1911 that we have seen in a while. It really pops! The grips are really sharp and the front grip strap is like new. If you are looking for a crisp WW1 1911 US Army service pistol for your collection, you cannot pass this one up. It should be a great performing asset as well. this is a nearly new condition example of the iconic dough boy special.