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Browning Superposed 20 Ga, 26" Bbl, Mfg 1965

Price: $2,295.00 | Product Code: Superposed | Availability: In Stock

John Browning of Morgan, Utah, was one of the greatest, most prolific inventors of both sporting and military guns in modern times. His last gun, the Superposed, was an expensive gun that debuted just in time for the Great Depression. Its Belgian factory was occupied by the Nazis in World War II, but the Superposed survived to achieve tremendous popularity by the 1960's. Unfortunately, it would also be the last gun Browning designed. On Nov. 26, 1926, the inventor died of a heart attack while working on the Superposed in his son's office at the Fabrique Nationale factory in Liège, Belgium. It fell upon his son, Val, a brilliant firearm inventor in his own right, to make his father’s sophisticated design a reality.

Even though FN’s Superposed was mass-produced, the labor-intensive gun was comprised of more than 70 individual parts and required 155 hand-fitted assemblies, plus the artistry of engravers and woodcarvers.

Superposed guns remain in production as custom order guns today. This particular Superposed has 26" barrels choked Skeet/Skeet and was manufactured in 1965. It features a round knob and a long tang. It has great wood and no issues. There are some minor handling marks present to the wood finish and some bluing loss on bottom of the receiver.