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Class 3/NFA Items

We are a federally-licensed Class 3/NFA dealer.

We can sell and transfer Class 3/NFA items such as:

  • suppressors
  • short-barreled rifles (SBR's)
  • short-barreled shotguns (SBS's)
  • any-other weapons (AOW's)

We regularly stock AAC, Dead Air Armament, Gemtech, Silencerco, and Yankee Hill suppressors and often have a selection of SBR's for sale.

In order to sell you a Class 3 item, we will have to fill out some paperwork, and we are glad to do the bulk of it for you. If you purchase a Class 3 item from us, the first set of fingerprint cards is free and we fill out the ATF Form 4 for you for free. The only thing you have to get is a set of passport photographs, which are easily obtained at Walgreen's, FedEx/Kinko's, etc. 

Transfers of Class 3 items are $100 per item, due to the increased paperwork and management required on our part compared to a typical transfer.  

We also offer completion of Form 1's (for creating your own SBR's, AOW's, etc.). This service is also $100.

Have questions? Call us at (859) 278-8370 and ask to talk to someone who can answer your Class 3-related questions!