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  • Bowtech "The Legend" (Chris Kyle)

Bowtech "The Legend" (Chris Kyle)

Price: $1,099.95 | Product Code: The Legend | Availability: In Stock

Chris Kyle was an American hero and Bowtech is pleased to partner with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to honor his legacy by supporting military families. We are honored to announce our continued partnership with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation with the release of our limited edition Chris Kyle "The Legend" bow. A portion of proceeds from the sale of every bow will go to the foundation, which provides support for the families of military and first responders. More information on the foundation and its great work can be found at 

Chris Kyle "The Legend" was designed with the best in Bowtech technology in order to provide the highest performance in the field. Built on the same platform as our 2015 flagship bow, Prodigy, "The Legend" features revolutionary PowerShift Technology.

This bow is no longer in production, so what stock we have left in this bow is all we have, so get one while you can! Call us at 859-278-8370 to see which ones we have in stock.