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EXTREMELY SCARCE, 1st Production Inland M1 Carbine

Price: $2,395.00 | Product Code: M1 Carbine | Availability: In Stock

This is a nearly impossible to locate an extremely early June, 1942, initial-production Inland M1 Carbine. This example has all of the very desirable early features, such as the acceptance cartouches stamped inside of the sling well. This was before it was moved to the right side of the stock.

Of course this has the early I-cut stock and high wood. It also has a checkered safety and round bolt. These very early production carbines are just nearly impossible to find in original condition, especially this nice. Another couple initial early features are the small bomb proof on the upper edge of the stock and a deep-groove handguard. The stock has a repaired hairline crack at the wrist and forearm that appear to be stable., see pictures for details. It is a highly attractive and very desirable example of Inland’s initial production with all the rare early features.