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Colt 1902 US Military 38 ACP Mfg 1920

Price: $1,595.00 | Product Code: 1902 | Availability: In Stock

The Colt Model 1902 Military .38 ACP is another of John Browning’s designs manufactured by Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company. This model was based on the early .38 auto-loader design of the Model 1900, and 1902 Sporting Model, with a few significant differences.

The 1902 Military had a longer squared off butt and is fitted with a swivel lanyard loop on the left side of the frame. The slightly extended length of the grip increased the capacity of the number of rounds by one, for a total of eight. Second, the frame was fitted with a slide release that also served to lock open the slide after the last round in the magazine was fired. These are the major differences between the 1902 Military and 1902 Sporting models. There were also several variations in slide markings, magazine base plate markings and variations in finish throughout production.The earliest commercial examples were in the same configuration as the military contract guns but for the ordnance marks. The forward nail file slide serrations were eventually replaced but the rear triangular cut vertical slide serrations. The early style high polish finish was later replaced with a less reflective more durable finish and the early style rounded hammer was replaced with a low spur hammer.

The Model 1902 Military .38 ACP was manufactured from 1902 until 1928 with just over 18,000 pistols manufactured. Serial numbers began at 15,001 to 15,200 for the military contract. Numbers then ran descending from 15,000 backwards to 11,000. After serial number 11,000, numbers ran ascending from 15,201 to the high serial number 43,266.

This pistol was manufactured in 1920 and retains nearly 95% of its brilliant blue finish. It is chambered in .38 rimless. The barrel has a brilliant bore and no issues. The gun is mechanically sound and the grips are free of chips or breaks.