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RARE 1 of 1700 Walther P.38 Commercial Nazi German

Price: $4,995.00 | Product Code: P.38 | Availability: In Stock

We have a top example of the rare and highly sought after Walther Mod P.38 Pistol. This is the wartime commercial version of the P.38, and it was manufactured largely from frames an other parts that failed to pass military inspection. Most examples will have visible defects in the front grip strap or other cosmetic defects. They are cosmetically imperfect but will function flawlessly. Instead of wasting these parts they were assembled into pistols and were sold commercially. There was a strong demand for pistols for officer private purchase and for Germans living in the occupied territories for protection against partisan attack.

These Mod P.38 are quite rare and are a must have pistol for the serious P.38 collector. This example is in mint, original condition. These pistols are often seen in a reddish plum finish and this one is no exception. This variant is one of the rarest and most attractive of the late-war production P.38 variants. This is almost certainly a veteran pickup from the storage area of the Walther factory after its capture. This is one of the few Walther P.38's in existence they are extremely rare and seldom seen, as less than 1700 were produced and very few survived. This gun is easily in 98% condition, as new, and nearly impossible to improve upon.