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EARLY RARE Springfield Armory 1911 WW1 US 45

Price: $6,495.00 | Product Code: 1911 | Availability: In Stock

This is a very nice WWI vintage US Springfield Armory 1911. Colt granted the Ordnance Department the right to manufacture Model 1911 pistols on April 21, 1911. This occurred only after Colt received orders totaling 50,000, then the government was allowed to manufacture 1/3 of the military's requirements. Production began in early 1914.

This pistol was the 905th (of 25,797 total) pistol produced at Springfield. All parts are correct for the model other than the hammer, which would normally fall into a later serial block, but is still possibly correct. Many of the small parts and the frame were manufactured by Colt and shipped to Springfield for assembly. All of the markings on this gun are clear and crisp.

This is a very rare, early example of a desirable, low production pistol. It comes with one correct, folded-lip, single-loop magazine.