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Polish P35(p) ViZ Radom Second/2nd Model WW2 Nazi

Price: $1,195.00 | Product Code: P35 | Availability: In Stock

This is an example of a vet bring-back, grade II variant P35(p) ViZ 35 Radom Pistol. This is a late 1943 manufactured pistol in the first “H” production run. These very late grade II variant pistols are know for the rough milling of the surface finish and are the last of the pistols made with the take down lever, after which this was deleted around the “Z” block, which are often called "two-lever" Radoms by collectors. This pistol is all matching (the barrel slide and frame are numbered to each other) and the bore is in mint condition. This is a very clean example of the three-lever variation. The grips appear to be replacements.