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Mauser 1938 S/42 Luger P.08 Nazi German WW2

Price: $2,195.00 | Product Code: P.08 | Availability: In Stock

Here we have a top example of a 1938, S/42-coded Luger in about 95% finish, all-original condition. The gun is all-matching, including the magazine and grips, which are numbered to the gun. The gun is very clean with an excellent bore. This gun includes a nice, early, 1936-dated holster. The grips are near perfect. The diamonds are sharp and not oil-soaked, which is otherwise typical of WW2-era Lugers.

This is a super example of the classic pre-war Nazi Luger, when they were ramping up production for the coming war. This is a particularly clean-looking and very attractive example. This is just a great Luger for those who collect nothing else and also for those who want just one really nice Luger for their collection.