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Correct,Original U.S. Krag Model 1899 Carbine

Price: $3,495.00 | Product Code: 1899 | Availability: In Stock

This is a correct, all-original carbine manufactured in the second of three serial blocks. It has the correct carbine rear sight and base, which is marked "C". There is residue of dried cosmoline from long-term storage. The stock is minty and cartouched 1901. According to Springfield Research Service, many of the krag carbines went to the Company G, 4th Tennessee Volunteers and the 3rd Texas Volunteers Infantry.

Numbers 355954 and 356006 went to the 4th Kentucky Volunteers, so it is highly likely that this one did as well, as it's numbered between the two. It's in strong 90% condition with some blue turning plum. The stock is dead mint with only a couple of storage dings.