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Husqvarna m/40 Swedish WW2 (Lahti L-35)

Price: $1,499.00 | Product Code: 40 | Availability: In Stock

This is a beautiful all-original World War 2 production Swedish Husqvarna m/40 pistol. The Husqvarna m/40 pistol is the Swedish version of the Finnish L-35 pistol which served the Finnish military from 1935 through the Winter War and beyond. The Swedish military bought the licensing in 1939/40 and renamed the L-35 the m/40, with Husqvarna producing the pistol under a government contract. Its design is both robust and reliable, designed to work reliably in Arctic conditions that rendered other automatic pistol designs inoperable.

This m/40 is in great shape overall and comes complete with an original service holster. The blue finish rates 90 to 93% with light finish wear on the high edges and grip straps and scattered, small pitting under an old refinish. The bore in this m/40 is superb. The rifling still has sharp lands and grooves and there is zero pitting or erosion visible. The checkered brown plastic grips are also in excellent condition, free from any cracks, chips, or repairs. The checkering and the Husqvarna logo are crisp and clean on these grips.

Mechanically this pistol works 100% like the day it left the factory. The action works smoothly and goes into battery perfectly. All of the controls work as they were designed to. This pistol should function flawlessly. The original holster is in great shape. The leather is still pliable, soft, and strong. All of the stitching is original and intact, and all of the hardware is still intact and in excellent condition.