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Howdah "Tower" Side by Side Percussion Pistol

Price: $895.00 | Product Code: Tower | Availability: In Stock

The howdah pistol was a large-calibre handgun, often with two or four barrels, used in India and Africa from the beginning of the nineteenth century, and into the early twentieth century, during the period of British Colonial rule. It was typically intended for defense against tigers, lions, and other dangerous animals that might be encountered in remote areas. The term "howdah pistol" comes from the howdah, a large platform mounted on the back of an elephant. Hunters, especially during the period of the British Raj in India, used howdahs as a platform for hunting wild animals and needed large-calibre side-arms for protection from animal attacks.

This model has an inch 12 Gauge set of barrels mounted in a walnut stock. The locks are percussion British locks marked "Tower 1867". The grip cap features an enclosed trap for percussion caps. The barrels and locks appear to have been plated long ago for protection against the elements. This is an interesting conversation starter. Be the only guy on your block with a double-barreled 12 gauge pistol!