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Gewehr/Gew 98 Mfg 1915 w/ Tangent sight WW1 German

Price: $695.00 | Product Code: 98 | Availability: In Stock

This rifle was manufactured in 1915 by Waffenfabrik Mauser Orbendorf. It is the predecessor to the Karabiner 98k, which was introduced in 1923 and not actually a carbine, but was introduced as such to circumvent the treaty of Versailles. This rifle is essentially a Gew98 with a tangent rear sight in place of the Lange sight.

This rifle features Imperial Crown proofs, Weimar proofs, and Nazi-era Waffenamts on the rear sight sleeve and is coded S/42G there as well. It was probably used by the early german railroad, because the stock is marked "BS". according to Kareem and Steves in their book ,this is believed to be for Bahnshutz, or railroad. The gun's numbers do not match other than the receiver and barrel, which match each other. There are no import marks on this rifle and the bore is decent. The gun does not seem to have any issues.