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FN Hi-Power w/ TANGENT SIGHTS, Rig (Nazi German)

Price: $1,795.00 | Product Code: Hi-Power | Availability: In Stock

This is a nice FN Hi-Power made for the Nazis during 1941-1942. It has "WaA 103" Waffenamts, which belongs to a group of Hi-Powers that were made from January of 1941 until May of 1942. Some reports claim that the WaA 103-marked Hi-Powers were only made during 1941, so the research is still ongoing. These pistols will be found with the popular tangent rear sight, but no shoulder stock slot (just like this gun). They fall into the serial number range of 65,200 to 95,000. This pistol is all-matching and also features some pre-war, high-polished parts. The magazine disconnect is still intact and the bore is nice.

This gun comes with the pictured holster and two magazines. One magazine is Waffenamted 140 and the other is not Waffenamted. The holster is a nice, light brown holster with a 1941 date of manufacture by bdt.