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DWM ARTILLERY Luger w/ Rig (1917, German, WW1)

Price: $4,795.00 | Product Code: P.08 | Availability: In Stock

This is a very nice example of an original, early, WWI, 1917 DWM Artillery Luger rig that is complete with three magazines, an original WWI walnut board stock, holster, and a stock boot. Also included is a very rare mag pouch containing two of the three mags. These pistols have a rust-blued finish along with straw-colored small parts.

The top of the chamber is dated 1917 with the "DWM" monogram on the front toggle. The right side of the chamber has the three "crown/gothic letter" proofs next to the Imperial Eagle firing proof, which is repeated on the barrel. It has the full serial number on the front of the frame, the left side of the barrel extension, and the underside of the barrel, with the last two digits of the serial number on the various small parts.

The extractor and safety are correctly marked "GESICHERT", and it has the standard front sight with the artillery-style tangent rear sight that is graduated from 1-8 (100-800) meters. The Luger is complete with a nickel-plated magazine with a wood base, which is not numbered. This lot is complete with an original brown leather artillery holster (which is now dyed black) with an original artillery board stock and an original attaching iron which is commercially marked and proofed, but not numbered to the gun.

An early pattern steel cleaning rod with the wood barrel handle is also present. The take-down tool is unmarked. The grips are correctly numbered and match the gun. All three magazines are correct for the gun, but only one is numbered, and does not match the guns serial number. The barrel has British proofs, indicating it made its way into England after the War. The gun is in un-restored condition, with the majority of the finish loss confined to the side plate. The barrel has a mint bore. Most of the leather is supple, with the only drying located on the mag pouch flap.