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Colt Pocket Navy Conversion 3-1/2" 38 Cal Round

Price: $2,195.00 | Product Code: Pocket | Availability: In Stock

This is a Colt Pocket Navy Conversion in .38 centerfire. Approximately 6,000 of these were produced from 1873 - 1875. The barrel and frame numbers match on this gun.The trigger guard and backstrap match each other as well. The cylinder has its own number. This would be correct, as Colt had over-produced percussion parts and, instead of seeing them wasted as scrap, decided to manufacture these "conversions" concurrently with metallic cartirdge arms, such as the SAA and DA Lightning. Because left over parts were used, except for frames and barrels, many numbers do not commonly match. The barrels have no provision for ramrods. This gun comes with its period mahogany case (probably English) and period holster. The lid to the case is cracked and therefore does not close completely.