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MINT/UN-ISSUED Mauser Model 1895 CHILEAN/Chileno

Price: $1,895.00 | Product Code: 1895 | Availability: In Stock

The Model 1895 was so popular with the Chilean Military that at one point their armories stored 80,000 full-length rifles and 30,000 carbines. At that time, bolt-action military rifles were fitted with very long barrels because bayonet fighting was still considered important by military tacticians. Model 1895 Chilean rifle barrels were 29.60 inches.

This is a very scarce rifle to find in this high condition (approximately 98%). This rifle appears to be un-fired. Minor safe dings are present in the stock, but otherwise this is a dead mint gun. The bore is perfect. AN incredible fire blue remains on the various metal parts. THis rifle was built at the height of craftsmanship at Lowe Berlin, which later became DWM.