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Amberg 1917 Gew 98a/Gew 98 Rework (Spanish War)

Price: $1,295.00 | Product Code: Gew 98a | Availability: In Stock

This is an interesting Gew 98 that was reworked by Imperial Germany for the Weimar Republic circa 1935, as indicated by the "S/42 g" marking on the updated tangent rear sight. The rifle's stock also has a shell-and-flame cartouche with "mp 8" on the right of the butt stock. This indicates it was sold by Spain at some point in its history, probably around the Second World War or later. The barrel was manufactured by Simpson and has Weimar proofs.

It is in like-new condition after the re-work. The bolt sleeve matches the receiver numbers and all the other parts are typical, rework mismatched. The rifle has an excellent bore and an interesting history.