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  • Xpedition Xception

Xpedition Xception

Price: $949.00 | Product Code: Xception | Availability: In Stock

The all-new 2016 Xpedition Xception represents the first “no compromise” design in a premium single cam bow. The Xception delivers high performance and ease of tuning with a smooth draw cycle. The new XP-1 cam’s 3-piece construction is a testament to our aerospace manufacturing background. The limb stop on the XP-1 cam provides a rock solid back wall, precise adjustment for draw length with no effect on performance or repeatability.

Modular draw length adjustment from 26.5” – 31” without a bow press and peak weights from 45 to 70 pounds allow the Xception to fit a wide range of archers. All of this and the Xception delivers a benchmark, no smoke and mirrors, 328 feet-per-second IBO rating with a forgiving 7.25” brace height. Forget what you think you know about single cam bows, there is now an Xception to the rule.

Axle to Axle32.375″ +/- .125″
IBO Speed328
Brace Height7.25″ +/- .125″
Draw Weight45, 55, 60, 65, 70
Approx. Weight3.9 lbs
Draw Length26.5″ – 31″
DL AdjustmentModular (0.5″ Increments) No Bow Press Required
Let Off80% Adjustable
Std Riser FinishBlack, Xtra, Max-1
Std Limb FinishBlack, Xtra, Max-1, DefCon™
Special Order Riser FinishRealtree Snow, Realtree Black, DefCon™ Red, DefCon™ Blue, DefCon™ Green, DefCon™ Purple, DefCon™ Magenta, Gloss Black
Special Order Limb FinishRealtree Snow, Realtree Black