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Winchester Model 12 Trench Shotgun Mfg 1943 WW2

Price: $3,495.00 | Product Code: 12 | Availability: In Stock

By the time World War II began, stocks of shotguns were too small to support the mobilization and new orders were placed. The well regarded Winchester Model 12 trench and riot guns were again procured with a total of more than 80,000 guns ordered by the U.S. Government by 1945, more than any other combat shotgun of the time. Collectors will notice that there was a change in the ventilated heat shield during WW II from the WW I design of six rows of holes to only 4 rows starting in 1942. This example was manufactured in the the last block of guns made in 1943. A cartouche is present(GHD) but is faint. The four-hole heat shield appears to be a replacement.