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Mauser "SNEAK" Luger mfg. 1930 9mm German

Price: $2,295.00 | Product Code: P08 | Availability: In Stock

The Luger production tooling and parts were moved from the DWM/BKIW production plant in Berlin to the Mauser production facility in Orbendorf during 1930. It is believed that these pistols were manufactured from leftover parts that they had available. This pistol is likely one of those produced directly after the move.

There is no chamber date, nor a "DWM" or "S/42" on the toggle (just a serial number). This gun was manufactured in the "u" block with early style, "WaA 66" Mauser proofs. There is an early, stylized eagle on the frame and barrel. All of the parts have matching numbers except for the correct magazine with a wooden base. This gun is chambered in 9mm so it was never meant for commercial sales or use, as there is no Crown N. The grips are un-numbered. There is some finish loss to the high edge areas and some thinning on the rear grip strap. However, the finish is very full on the front strap. There are no import or export marks on this gun.