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Kimber Tactical Custom II 1911 Government 45 ACP

Price: $1,119.95 | Product Code: Tactical Custom II | Availability: In Stock

Tactical models have all the performance enhancing features demanded by law enforcement and cover every application from concealed carry to tactical response.

Product #: 3200137
Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 5.50
Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 32
Length (inches): 8.7
Magazine capacity: 7
Magazine well
Ambidextrous thumb safety
Recoil spring (pounds): 16.0
Full-length guide rod

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Charcoal gray, KimPro II
Width (inches): 1.28
30 lines-per-inch front strap checkering
30 lines-per-inch checkering under trigger guard

Material: Steel
Finish: Matte black
Front serrations

Length (inches): 5
Material: Steel, match grade
Stainless steel match grade bushing
Twist rate (left hand): 16

Fixed low-profile 3-dot tritium night sights
Radius (inches): 6.8

Double diamond laminated wood with Kimber logo

Premium Aluminum Trigger
Factory setting (approximate pounds): 4.0-5.0