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GL Lorenzo Custom Rifle 270 Weatherby Mag 26" Bbl

Price: $2,995.00 | Product Code: Custom | Availability: In Stock

This is a personal rifle, built for, and by, custom gunmaker, G.L. Lorenzo of Modesto, California. According to a conversation with the maker, the rifle was built in July of 1997. It is based on a highly modified and heat treated Springfield 1903 action. Twin square bridges have been added to the receiver. This gun also features a custom-designed, hidden bolt release and a hand-checkered, three-panel bolt handle. The custom bottom metal has an inside-the-bow release for the hinged floor plate. The bottom metal, skeleton buttplate, and skeleton grip cap were all engraved by master engraver John Barraclough, an engraving instructor at Lassen College. The Lilja barrel, chambered in .270 Weatherby Magnum, has a number two contour. The stock is exhibition-grade Claro walnut, and is checkered at 25 lines per inch in a fleur-de-lis wrap-around pattern.

A set of Talley steel rings are included. A custom-manufactured muzzle brake is threaded to the barrel and removable. The gun also has a fully-adjustable Canjar trigger and a J. Wisener 3-position safety to round out the metalwork. We are selling this gun at 1/2 the replacement value.