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Colt 1911 w/ Savage Slide Mfg 1918 WWI .45 ACP 45

Price: $3,950.00 | Product Code: 1911 | Availability: In Stock

While no definitive documentation exists, it is known that Savage had a contract to build World War I 1911's but was unable to complete any pistols. Clawson indicates that Savage was awarded a contract to build 100,000 pistols on July 1918, which was canceled on December 4, 1918. This pistol has a Colt frame with a serial number of 2743XX, putting the date of manufacture at 1918 according to Colt. The blue finish and patina all match. The pistol has am HP marked barrel and no external proofs or inspector marks. Don't miss out on snatching up one of the great "unsolved mysteries" of the Colt 1911's history!