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Colt 1849 Pocket mfg 1863 .31 Caliber 5" New York

Price: $1,899.00 | Product Code: 1849 Pocket | Availability: In Stock

One of 336,000 Model 1849 pocket pistols produced by Colt, the '49 pocket was the successor to Colt's Baby Dragoon model. The firearm was a huge success for Colt, bolstered in part by the fact that America was at war and that the gun provided a particularly sturdy and reliable sidearm. Produced from 1850 to 1873, many soldiers on both sides acquired these pistols through private sales as gifts from loved ones and friends.

The cylinder scene is very well defined, with most of the engraving still visible. Much of the silver plating is present on the trigger guard. The barrel measures 5 inches long and has Colt's New York address. All of the numbers on this gun match, including the wedge. The grips are in excellent shape, with only minor wear on the bottom edges of each panel. The gun is mechanically sound. All the screws do not seem to be tampered with and retain some of the charcoal blue on their surfaces.